"Every hair can grow and every hair must glo!"

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About Me

I started the business due to the fact that I've always wanted something different for my hair. That plus my love for experimenting from pharmacy school made creating these products both fun and rewarding.

The knowledge I've acquired through research and experience enables me to provide personalized recommendations and solutions to my clients so as to ensure the best results. Consequently, the demand for my product is ever-increasing. My ambition coupled with customer testimonies award me all the encouragement I need to keep innovating and expanding my product line.

My products have a comparative edge on the competition which I have earned though transparency and innovation. The ingredients and the targeted issues are outlined so my clients know exactly what to expect.

More About Our Products

Primarily, I use a combination of: Aloe Vera (keeps the hair moisturized, calms itchy scalp, strengthen and repairs hair strands and promotes hair growth), Fenugreek(encourages hair growth and supports a heathy scalp) and Moringa(helps in keratin formation, stimulates and improves hair growth).

Every hair can GROW and every hair must GLO!